It’s Hard to Believe…

Posted Dec 9 2013, 8:19 am

It’s hard to believe we’re already into December. Right now in Colorado, we’re concentrating on keeping warm as a cold snap has hit with temperatures hovering near 0 degrees. Brrr….

It’s normally pretty sunny where I live, so I’m looking forward to it warming up (even a little bit!). I have to say 2013 was an amazing year for me and I’m super excited for 2014. I have three books coming out from Harlequin Special Edition, Her Accidental Engagement will be released in March, A Brevia Beginning comes out in June – both of these books are set in Brevia, North Carolina, and I’ve enjoyed revisiting characters from that community.

In August, A Kiss on Crimson Ranch will be released. It’s the first book I’ve set in the mountains of Colorado and I’m thrilled to share my love of this gorgeous state with readers.

I hope you have a fantastic holiday season. Please drop me a line when you can. I love hearing from everyone!



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