It Takes a Village

Posted Jan 28 2013, 7:53 am

The saying goes it takes a village to raise a child and writing a book and sending out to the big world of publishing is a little like giving birth. Writing is certainly a solitary endeavor–many long hours tapping away at the computer keyboard or longhand in notebooks and all the frustrations that go with it. It’s been a dream of mine for a very long time to be a published author and I couldn’t be more excited about my debut release from Harlequin Special Edition, Still The One.

But as much as it was me who wrote and edited, there were many people who contributed to making my dream a reality. First, my husband and two kids who were and continue to be ever-so-patient as I move from being a full-time mom to being a full-time mom with a job. I work hard to make sure no one ever runs out of clean undies (even if we’re pulling them still warm out of the dryer before school) and we eat dinner as a family almost every night, but now it’s semi-homemade from Costco (bless those Costco cooks!).

I absolutely would have given up years ago if not for the friendship and support of my amazing critique partners and my local RWA chapter. There’s something about having friends who are on the same journey that is comforting beyond measure.

I’m also lucky to have parents and a great sister who have been willing to help out when I attend conferences, meetings and workshops–making sure my kids are happy even when I’m away.

It took me a while to even say out loud ‘I’m a writer’ but when I did, my friends and community have been so supportive. I feel like anyone who ever had my kids over for a playdate, asked me about my book or pretty much didn’t laugh in my face when I shared my dream helped me make it come true. And I’m thankful to every one of them!



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  1. Alyssa says:

    Your Brevia, California books need to have movies . I really enjoyed A Brevia Beginning I hope I will enjoy the other books in the Brevia, California books as well and please write more books for the series, please I really want to learn more about Lexi and Scott, Joe and Vera, Julia and Sam, and Lainey and Ethan, they are the best couples I’ve ever read about in my 12 years of life.

    Alyssa Lucien

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