Deep Thoughts As A Junior High Mom

Posted Jan 29 2016

So….the junior high had an honor roll breakfast today. I didn’t take pictures because it was pre-coffee and…that’s my only excuse. A ton of kids were honored which is awesome. It also made me start ruminating over a text conversation Jackson has been having lately with a friend who is also a girl. A girl […]


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Kissing Mr. Right is #3!

Posted Sep 4 2015

I’m thrilled that Kissing Mr. Right, a Kindle First Pick for September, is right now #3 in the Kindle Store. Who knows how long this crazy, fun ride will last, but I’m enjoying every moment of it! Thank you to all the readers who chose this book as their selection – I’m so grateful. Get […]



Romance….Take Me Away

Posted Jul 31 2015

Thank you to Lorelei’s Lit Lair for inviting me to be a part of Read-A-Romance month and to Bobbi at Read-A-Romance Month for coordinating this fabulous celebration of romance. Lorelei was one of the first romance reader advocates I met when I got published and for someone sort of introverted like myself, it’s never easy […]



Happy 2015!

Posted Dec 31 2014

I can’t wait for tomorrow – I love the New Year – how about you? Goals, intentions, resolutions…there’s just so much potential. Goodbye to all my bad habits and hello to a fresh start. I celebrated tomorrow’s certain resolve with my favorite breakfast today (best huevos rancheros in Colorado Springs). Next time I’ll be ordering […]


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It’s Hard to Believe…

Posted Dec 9 2013

It’s hard to believe we’re already into December. Right now in Colorado, we’re concentrating on keeping warm as a cold snap has hit with temperatures hovering near 0 degrees. Brrr…. It’s normally pretty sunny where I live, so I’m looking forward to it warming up (even a little bit!). I have to say 2013 was […]


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It Takes a Village

Posted Jan 28 2013

The saying goes it takes a village to raise a child and writing a book and sending out to the big world of publishing is a little like giving birth. Writing is certainly a solitary endeavor–many long hours tapping away at the computer keyboard or longhand in notebooks and all the frustrations that go with […]


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